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WISY filter collector

Rainwater collecting for the home

WL 075™

The WISY filter collector captures rainwater for use in the home, enabling households to save up to 50% of their mains water consumption. It is a highly efficient self-cleaning device which is fitted directly into rainwater downpipes. It captures over 90% of the rainwater from the down-pipe, filtering it and diverting it into a storage tank. The remaining water carries leaves and other debris from the roof straight down into the drains.

  • Fine (0.28 mm) stainless steel mesh delivers clean rainwater for washing machines, WCs, indoor cleaning and garden use without further filtering
  • Will handle the rainwater from a roof area of up to 150 m²
  • Easy, rapid installation with no obstruction of down-pipe
  • Largely self-cleaning: minimal DIY maintenance, perhaps 10 minutes a year
  • Various sizes compatible with most UK rainwater downpipes
  • Can be installed in both new and existing properties
  • Very compact
  • Successfully installed in over 100,000 homes

The simple but high precision WISY Filter Collector uses surface tension in conjunction with an ultra-fine filter mesh to remove all particles larger than 0.28 mm.

The standard filter is easily fitted by cutting out a section of down-pipe and replacing this with the filter. The system ensures that there is no contamination and little risk of blockages.

The high-grade stainless steel housing of the Filter Collector is non-rusting and frost resistant. Zinc and copper housings are also available.

The Filter Collector can be used in conjunction with most roofing systems. Ideally collecting roofs should be of tile or slate: asbestos or heavily soiled roofs should not be used for rainwater collection.

Since their invention in Germany in 1989, WISY filters have been successfully installed in over 100,000 homes. A rainwater harvesting system is increasingly becoming a standard feature in many new home developments not only on the Continent but also in the UK.

Available in several sizes, two of which are specially designed for compatibility with UK standard 110mm and 68mm plastic pipes

Model number for metal downpipe (not cast iron)
nominal size mm
for plastic downpipe
ext. diam. mm
FS 110 VA   110
FS 100 VA 100  
FS 87 VA 87  
FS 80 VA 80  
FS 76 VA 76 82
FS 68 VA   68

The standard filters have a high grade stainless steel housing.
Filters with zinc or copper housing are also available to order.
Please call to discuss your options if fitting the filter collector to cast iron pipework.

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Rainwater harvesting
How to save 50% on metered water costs
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WISY filter collector
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