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Waterless Urinal

Low maintenance, economical water saving system

Waterless urinal

A special fluid held in the trap of the Waterless Urinal allows urine to pass through but continuously seals the drainage from the atmosphere, preventing any odours from emerging. The absence of water flushing saves substantial volumes of water while the easy-clean design and lack of mechanical components significantly cuts maintenance.

  • No water consumption or associated costs
  • Low cleaning cost
  • No moving parts or flushing mechanism to go wrong
  • Simple and easy installation
  • No water supply pipes or worries about freezing
  • Odour-free clean environment
  • Bacteria free, due to absence of water
  • No limescale or clogging of pipes
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Simple to retrofit
  • Minimal maintenance

There are approximately 1.55 million installed urinals in the UK, each using an average of 6 to 10 litres to flush, accounting for hundreds of millions of cubic metres of water being used. Since the introduction of Waterless Urinals many organisations, large and small, are realising the significant benefits and financial savings that this new technology brings.

The Waterless Urinal system does not need any water at all due to its unique syphonic operation and yet this does not compromise hygiene or usage.

The surface of the glassfibre urinal is a pore-free and smoother than glass. It is coated with a urine-repellent gel coat which ensures the immediate draining of urine into a trap cartridge. The special biodegradable fluid held in the trap prevents odours from emerging and allows urine to pass freely through. This fluid only needs to be changed two to four times a year, depending on usage. The Sealtrap cartridge, which holds the fluid, is changed in a rapid operation using a tool supplied in the package.

The urinal bowl, available in a range of colours, is made of vandal-resistant fibreglass.

The minimal plumbing and price of the Waterless Urinal system compares favourably with conventional flush systems. It is a simple operation to retrofit and replace existing flushing urinals.

The savings in maintenance and metered water is where the system really comes into a class of its own. In cities with the highest sewer and water rates, users can achieve dramatic savings by installing waterless urinals. In ‘high traffic’ locations, savings of more than £1000 per urinal a year can be achieved.

The Sealtrap™ Cartridge
The heart of the waterless urinal

The Sealtrap™ cartridge, a patented, one-piece device that acts as filter, sealant, and deoderizer in the urinal

Two models are available that provide a vertical or horizontal outlet which ensures maximum flexibility for retrofit connection.

Fixing point for urinal is 805 mm from finished floor level. (This figure is when lip height of urinal is at 650 mm as shown.)

If retrofitting to existing drainage...

1. Ensure discharge pipes are descaled prior to installation.
2. Ensure that discharge pipes have a sufficient angle (>5%).
3. Ensure that discharge pipes are 100% airtight.

Replacement cartridges for the waterless urinal can now be ordered from Construction Resources for just £34.95 plus VAT. They are also suitable for the Armitage Shanks ceramic waterless urinal.

See our waterless urinal technical sheet for further details

Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Maintenance of the waterless urinal
98 KB Technical data sheet
Waterless urinal
285 KB Product sheet

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