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Tierrafino Base

A base clay plaster for internal use

Tierrafino Base

Tierrafino Base is a clay plaster suitable for use on all absorbent and prepared interior surfaces such as blockwork, brickwork, reedmats, plasterboard or concrete. Tierrafino Base gives a comfortable internal finish, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is a breathing surface, and can absorb fluctuations in temperature and humidity, sounds and odours.

  • Made from natural materials - clay, sand and straw
  • Contains no toxic ingredients and therefore gives no toxic off-gassing
  • Minimal energy used in manufacture
  • With appropriate care can last indefinitely. Any damage can easily be repaired
  • Sets mechanically, unlike gypsum plasters which set chemically - can be reworked and leftovers reused
  • Assists in balancing humidity levels
  • Like all natural dry clays, prevents the formation of fungi

All substrates should be dry, pure, strong and free of dust and grease.
Tierrafino Base Clay Render is not suitable for use on permanently wet walls. In case of wet, moist walls it is necessary to create partition walls, using reed mats instead of plaster boards.
Interior application can be done directly onto substrates like brick walls, reed mats (mix straw into Tierrafino Base), chicken mesh or stucco-net.
As Tierrafino Base and clay finishes contain no glue, they set mechanically instead of chemically. For this reason it is necessary to create a coarse surface, i.e. a good mechanical key, on the wall to which the clay plaster will set.

Smooth substrates
Plasterboards, pre-fab concrete and paint should be treated with Tierrafino Contact, this is a primer containing quartz sands. Plasterboards: always stick joint tape onto joints and fill them with joint filler before applying Tierrafino Contact and Tierrafino Base.

Coarse substrates
Tierrafino Base is very suitable for flattening out inconsistencies in existing surfaces. Often this can be done using a single layer of Tierrafino Base, but it possible to apply more than one layer of Clayplaster. Depending on your wishes, you can apply each consecutive layer of Tierrafino Base at a thickness of approx. 10 mm to create new shapes in your home, like smooth curves in corners of walls, and from walls to ceiling.

The minimum temperature at which Tierrafino Base can be processed is 5ºC.

In 25kg polyethylene sacks, in a dry place.

Preparation of surfaces
Surfaces should be sound, dry and free of grease. Tierrafino Base relies solely on mechanical key for adhesion and this fact should always be borne in mind when choosing a background.
Apply Tierrafino Base as a plaster to blockwork, brickwork or reed mats. Smoother surfaces such as plasterboard and concrete should be prepared using Tierrafino Contact.

Between 1.5 and 2 m² per 25kg bag

Add contents of 25 kg bag of Tierrafino Base to 4 to 5 litres of water and mix to a workable consistency. The minimum temperature for application is 5°C. Apply in the normal way with a steel float.
First coat: approximately 10 mm, rough finish, for example with a tooth spatula
Second coat: approximately 10 mm, smoother finish. Now Tierrafino can be applied.
Once mixed Tierrafino Base will remain ‘live’ for days therefore for time can be saved by mixing up in bulk.

As previously stated Tierrafino Base is a clay-based product which means it undergoes only a dehydration set. This means that it can be softened or brought back and re-worked at any time. This property is extremely useful when it comes to making repairs.

Normal plastering tools.

Tierrafino Base is a specialist plaster applied using techniques that differ slightly from those employed for conventional gypsum. Therefore it is essential these instructions are passed on to the applicator. Failure to do so could result in poor product performance for which Construction Resources cannot be held responsible.

Physical properties The raw materials are clay, sand and straw, which are mixed together mechanically to form a powder (grains between 0 - 5mm and straw 30mm) of density 1200kg/m³ when loose and 1650kg/m³ when mixed with water and applied
Flammability Non-combustible
Fire resistance A 28mm overall thickness of clay plaster, applied to reed matting, has a fire resistance of 125 minutes according to Dutch Standard 6069.
Linear expansion 12 x 10-6 m/mK
Thermal conductivity λ = 0.91 W/mK
Thermal capacity c = 1 kJ/kgK
Coverage Between 1.5 and 2 m² per 25kg bag
Packaging Supplied in 25kg sacks on Euro pallets; 40 sacks per pallet (1 tonne)
Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Tierrafino Base
Base plaster for brick and blockwork.
41 KB Technical data sheet
Tierrafino Contact
A primer for maximum adhesion of Tierrafino Clay Plasters and Tierrafino Stone.
24 KB Technical data sheet

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