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Volvox Natural Resin Emulsion - Scrubbable / Washable

Volvox Natural Resin Emulsion is designed for use on all interior walls and ceilings such as previously painted surfaces, new and old plaster, wood, walls covered in lining paper / wallpaper and most sound mineral surfaces. It is available in Scrubbable and Washable versions.

- Helps to improve indoor air quality.
- Allows surfaces to breathe.
- Absorbs variations in humidity.
- Contains no plastic, eliminating static.
- Natural ingredients result in no lingering chemical smells.
- Fully biodegradable.
- Excellent coverage.
- Washable, long lasting surface (conforms to DIN53778).
- Mix with earth and mineral pigments for beautiful natural hues.

Brilliant white. The emulsion also acts as the base for the addition of Holzweg / Volvox Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments.

Supplied in 5 and 10 litre containers.

Scrubbable: Approximately 6-8 m² per litre. Washable: Approximately 7-10 m² per litre.

Volvox Natural Resin Emulsion - Scrubbable / Washable

Normal painting procedure applies i.e. surfaces to be painted should be dry, grease free, dust free and sound. All existing coats that are water-soluble, such as whitewash or some older types of distemper must be washed off before painting. Ideally wash down other surfaces thoroughly. Remove loose particles of old paint with a brush or scraper. Gloss paints or lacquers must be sanded. Treat any gritty or inherently dusty surfaces with Holzweg/Volvox Silicate Primer before applying the emulsion to stabilise the surface.

Colour Mixing
A wide range of natural colours can be obtained by adding Holzweg / Volvox Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments. The pigment should be pre-soaked in water before being added to the emulsion. Simply pour the desired amount of pigment in to a jam jar, or similar container with a lid, add enough water to make a pigment solution and shake to ensure that all the pigment is soaked. Leave this mixture for at least 5 minutes then add to the emulsion and stir in well. The tinted emulsion is now ready to use.

Apply the emulsion with a brush, roller or spray gun in a thin, even coat. Spread it evenly in all directions. Thick coats should be avoided. For the scrubbable, on average a minimum of two coats is recommended for even, solid coverage. For the washable, on light-coloured surfaces one coat is normally enough. On very absorbent surfaces such as fresh plaster, it is advisable to first apply a diluted priming or ‘mist’ coat by adding 20 – 30 % water to the emulsion, before applying the final coat(s). Each coat must be allowed to dry completely before the next one is applied. If painting flat, smooth surfaces the best results can be achieved by thinning the paint with 10% water prior to use.

Volvox Natural Resin Emulsion - Scrubbable / Washable

Drying times
The emulsion can be painted over after 6-12 hours, depending on room temperature and relative humidity. The surface should be completely dry and washable after about 10 days.

Clean tools and brushes in warm water.

Keep containers tightly sealed in a cool place (temperature must remain above freezing). Paint in unopened containers should remain useable for up to 6 months.

Water, chalk talcum, marble dust, latex (washable only), cellulose, titanium oxide pigment, vinegar ester, sodium phosphates, 0.1% synthetic preservative.

Volvox Natural Resin Emulsion is completely biodegradable.

Risk class
None (non-inflammable).

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