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Aquamarijn Maril white matt emulsion

Aquamarijn Maril emulsion is designed for use on all interior walls and ceilings such as previously painted surfaces, new and old plaster, walls covered in lining paper / wallpaper and most sound mineral surfaces.

Aquamarijn Maril emulsion has a matt finish and is scrubbable to DIN 53778. It is low odour, being free of noxious chemical content. The absence of plastic resins results in static free and breathable surfaces. Maril is bound with emulsified linseed oil and is 100% free of solvents.

Supplied as a base white, a wide range of natural colours can be obtained by adding Holzweg / Volvox Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments. The pigment should be pre-soaked before being added to the emulsion. Simply pour the desired amount of pigment in to a jam jar, or similar container with a lid, add enough water to make a pigment solution and shake to ensure that all the pigment is soaked. Leave this mixture for at least 5 minutes then add to the emulsion and stir in well. The tinted emulsion is now ready to use.

2.5, 5 and 10 litres – 2.5 and 5 litres are recycled stainless steel or plastic tubs and 10 litres are supplied in recycled plastic tubs.

1 litre will cover approx. 8-10 m², depending on surface absorbency.

Voc Level

All existing coats that are water-soluble, such as whitewash or some older types of distemper, must be washed off completely before painting. Loose particles of old paint etc., should be removed with a brush or scraper. Gloss paints or lacquers must be sanded.

Aquamarijn Maril white matt emulsion

The emulsion can be applied by either brush, roller or spray. Stir well. Thick coats should be avoided. On lightly coloured or unpatterned surfaces one coat may be sufficient but a better result is achieved if two coats are applied. On new plaster (which should be allowed to dry for at least 2 weeks before attempting to decorate), apply a priming coat of 20% water thinned emulsion before applying two further coats. Concrete and other masonry and powdery surfaces should be primed with Aquamarijn Impril Impregnating Primer. Brushes and tools can be cleaned with water and soap.

Drying times
Dustfree dry ± 2 hours; Recoatable ± 8 hours

Store sealed in a cool dry, but frost free place. The paint can be kept for a minimum of one year unopened. Opened tubs should be resealed with tape. Tip: Remove any paint residue from around the lid before sealing. This will prevent contamination of the unused paint when the tub is re-opened.

Non poisonous natural raw materials. The binding agent is AQUALIN ® made from pure and natural oils and resins in emulsified water and glue. Pigment and fillers: titanium dioxide (recycled), chalk, dolomite, calcium, water, synthetic preservative (approved for use in food packaging by the BGA and FDA*).
* BGA, the German Federal Health Office and the FDA is the US Food and Drugs Administration.

Aquamarijn Maril emulsion is completely biodegradable.

Risk class

Aquamarijn Maril white matt emulsion

General precautionary measures
Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not throw any waste down the drains, any leftovers should be left to dry out and disposed of with the normal household rubbish. Small amounts can be disposed off on the compost heap. Paints etc. should always be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Surfaces painted with Aquamarijn Maril can be cleaned with soap, water and a soft brush. After rinsing and scouring a new coat can be applied if necessary.

Technical details
All Aquamarijn products are divided into categories depending on the degree of natural materials used in the manufacturing process. Class 1 is 99% natural, class 2 is 95%, class 3 is 90% and class 4 is 70%, the classification number appears on the front of each label. Aquamarijn Maril is Class 2.

Binding agent Linseed Oil and natural resins emulsified in water
Thinner Water
Transport code ARD none
Flash point None
Solids by volume 54 - 56 weight %, 34 - 36 vol.%
Weight (approx.) 1.35 - 1.45 kg/litre
Viscosity 110 - 1200 mPas (millipascal seconds), at 18 ° C
Gloss degree Matt
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