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Natural Earth & Mineral Pigment Colours

Range of colours from Volvox / Holzweg

Holzweg / Volvox pigment range

There are 21 natural earth pigments and 15 mineral pigments in the Holzweg/ Volvox colour range, which come in dry powder form. These pigments enable a spectrum of colours to be created by mixing varying amounts of pigment in, for example, Volvox Emulsion, Aquamarijn Maril Emulsion or Casein Wallpaint. The pigments can also be used to tint oils, varnishes and waxes.

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price band 1 (75g sachet): £1.69 + VAT      price band 2 (75g sachet): £3.40 + VAT     
price band 3 (75g sachet): £5.95 + VAT     

Please note: These colours are shown for illustrative purposes only, and should not be relied upon for precise colour choosing. Please visit our showroom or request a hand painted colour chart for more accurate guidance.

Construction Resources has no control over the final mixing of these products and cannot be held responsible for the actual tinting achieved. The finished colour can also be affected by such extraneous factors as type and weight of roller, type and colour of the original background, and type and intensity of lighting.

Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Natural pigments colour chart
Colour charts for the Holzweg/Volvox range of earth and mineral pigments
572 KB Colour chart
Holzweg natural earth and mineral pigments
Natural earth and mineral pigments
65 KB Technical data sheet
Quick guide to natural paints and finishes
Product overview for the complete range of natural paints and finishes.
136 KB Quick guide

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